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Few minutes ago, Cameron Mitchell has uploaded a cover of “Hallelujah” made by himself and our beloved Damian McGinty.

It’s acoustic, just one guitar , one microphone, one take…So deeply emotional version!

Just listen and enjoy!



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Yesterday, Cameron Mitchell and Damian McGinty were singing in streaming via StageIt.

So for everyone, who couldn’t watch it …Here you are!

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Darrel Coyle is the first artist registered in the label Walled City Records, that belongs to Oran O’Carroll and Damian McGinty.

He’s a Derry native and his single “My My My” is for pre-order on ITunes.

It wil be released on October 1st.

That’s why he’ll be singing in streaming on October 2nd at 1 am GMT.

This Live-Show is totally for free….

Let’s go and join us !

Just CLICK HERE   and enjoy !

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Hello, everyone!

Do you want to talk with Damian McGinty and ask  him about his single “RUN”? or maybe, do you want to know when will he performing in your city? Or are you trying to know when will be available his complete album?

Well, now you have the opportunity to make it!

Yes! Because this Monday, October 1st, he’ll be chatting with all of you fans 😉

He knows how much his fans love him and how loyal and supportive are, so he decided to give us this wonderful gift 🙂

The Live-Chat will be at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT / 2 am Irish-UK


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Oh! this week has been full of good news!

Today, Damian McGinty himself has announced that he’s going to sing in the Irish American Heritage Center (Chicago) from October 11 to October 14…

Would you imagine with who?…

Not less than the very well known Phil Coulter, former Musical Director of Celtic Thunder!

So…What are you waiting for getting tickets? If your near the area…Go on!

Source: iBAM , Damian’s Facebook


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Hey! Today has “breaking news” about adorable Damian McGinty!!!

Yeah! Few hours ago was published an article of HIS SITUATION IN “GLEE” and as himself says , there are a lot of speculation,  about if he’s back or not to this worldwide succesful series, and this is what he said :

“There are rumours online that I am coming back, but nothing confirmed at all”

“I am working on several other projects at the minute, which are very exciting. Hollywood takes time for things to happen, but fingers crossed with a bit of help from God, and a bit of luck, it’ll work out”

That means that nothing  “is set in stone yet”

But he’s not lying in his bed ….not at all…he’s a hard-working guy and in that way,  he traveled to London recently to have meetings, interviews and specially promoting the DVD-Glee season 3.

Further, he said that he were in talkings with Disney and Nickelodeon…

Since he returned to Los Angeles last week , he’s preparing a WORLDWIDE RELEASE OF HIS SINGLE .

And on Monday, he announced  IT WILL BE ON OCTOBER 1 st ….and inmediately fans were into crazy girls…yes…because all do love his awesome deeply, softly voice…ahhh!

Today he announced something that every fan were awaiting heartly…A WORLDWIDE CHAT WITH DAMIAN MC GINTY!!!

Yeah! If you are a Damian’s fan you must remark the October 1st in your calendar because that day our beloved Damian will chat with all around the world at 9 pm EST/6pm PT/ 9 pm in UTC+01.

So…You are invited!

Join us and enjoy chatting!

Source: DerryJournal , Damian’s Facebook , Damian’s Twitter

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Hi, guys! Few hours ago  I posted about the release of a new EP from Damian McGinty and now  himself has posted in Twitter about it:

“Who’s ready for my Single?…October 1st, be there, be square”

So now , all that we have to do is to wait until October 1…and pray for a worldwide launch…maybe by ITunes…who knows…?

Or maybe in a Live-Concert…Yeah! That could be great!

Whatever, you must be alert and still in tune with Damian’s  news!

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