Well, you know that Damian McGinty and Oran’Carrol have started a new label called “Walled City Records” . The idea is to promote all the new talent of Ireland and maybe other countries.

And the first artist who signed on is Darrel Coyle, he`s promoting his single ·My My My” on Itunes  and also launching a single vinyl.

This is the information that they posted on Facebook:

We have decided about printing Darrells single on vinyl but the minimum order is 250 vinyls, so what we are going to do is…Create our own mini-kickstart and if you guys are interested in getting one itll cost $16 including postage to anywhere, UK £10 inc postage. If you are interested in getting one you can submit payment through PAYPAL and you dont even have to create a paypal acount. Send the 

payment to ***oran_4@hotmail.co.uk*** if we do not reach the 250 minimum. We will refund the money straight back into your account. you can also pay through postal order or bankers draft and post it to Audio Booth. Anyone interested? it would be great to get Darrells stuff on Vinyl, and theyll be limited to ONLY 250 copies.


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