Yeah! This weekend our beloved Damian McGinty arrived to London…but , he wasn’t alone….not….he was very well accompanied …guess by who?…

Well, don’t start to imagine crazy things, right?

He traveled  with Hannah McIalwain , a TGP 1 contender. They’re still good friends…so they decided to take a trip and say “Hello!” to Oran O’Carroll , best friend and bussiness partner of Damian.

There, they have visited the city but not only that,  Damian  is a hard-working guy so he´s  attending interviews and some other work meetings.

On Tuesday, Darrel Coyle  will meet Damian and Oran in London to sign his record contract, because like  you know he´s  the first artist  of “Walled City Records“.

Do you want to see their funny faces and exclaimed “Awwwhh!” for a moment?

Here you are!


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One response to “DAMIAN McGINTY IS IN LONDON!!!

  1. Beth

    Great! so all of them are together in London…only good things could happen 😉

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