Since our beloved Damian McGinty said that he was going to release an EP, all the fandom is guessing how  it will be and when exactly it’s going to appear …

So, meanwhile the new material will be available , you can watch this vid of him with the lads of Celtic Thunder.

This performance is very funny, because the Younger Boy (DamianMcGinty) is trying to convince The Highwayman (Keith Harkin) that he is already grown-up and of course a real heart-broken 😉

Just listening his voice is a delightful …add all the other things that happens…including a wet Damian 😀 … And then you’ll be laughing and laughing!

The song is “Look at Me” and belongs to the DVD “Storm“. It was recorded in 2009.

Feel free to comment and express yourself.

Take a look and enjoy!


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