Hey! Today has “breaking news” about adorable Damian McGinty!!!

Yeah! Few hours ago was published an article of HIS SITUATION IN “GLEE” and as himself says , there are a lot of speculation,  about if he’s back or not to this worldwide succesful series, and this is what he said :

“There are rumours online that I am coming back, but nothing confirmed at all”

“I am working on several other projects at the minute, which are very exciting. Hollywood takes time for things to happen, but fingers crossed with a bit of help from God, and a bit of luck, it’ll work out”

That means that nothing  “is set in stone yet”

But he’s not lying in his bed ….not at all…he’s a hard-working guy and in that way,  he traveled to London recently to have meetings, interviews and specially promoting the DVD-Glee season 3.

Further, he said that he were in talkings with Disney and Nickelodeon…

Since he returned to Los Angeles last week , he’s preparing a WORLDWIDE RELEASE OF HIS SINGLE .

And on Monday, he announced  IT WILL BE ON OCTOBER 1 st ….and inmediately fans were into crazy girls…yes…because all do love his awesome deeply, softly voice…ahhh!

Today he announced something that every fan were awaiting heartly…A WORLDWIDE CHAT WITH DAMIAN MC GINTY!!!

Yeah! If you are a Damian’s fan you must remark the October 1st in your calendar because that day our beloved Damian will chat with all around the world at 9 pm EST/6pm PT/ 9 pm in UTC+01.

So…You are invited!

Join us and enjoy chatting!

Source: DerryJournal , Damian’s Facebook , Damian’s Twitter


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