Hello, everybody!

Are you trying to find any pic or any information about all what happened in the Irish American Heritage Center – Chicago?

Yeah? Well, in this post you have lots of photos and kindful, amazing, joking quotes from people who were just in there and of course from Damian McGinty himself!

Take a look!

Sharon Hooper ‏@AngelBabies209

@damianmcginty is a true gentleman. The M&G lasted hrs more than scheduled, but he never complained&was constantly smiling. He’s a treasure!

Ellen z ‏@Ellen_chicago94

@damianmcginty Thanks for such a wonderful day today! I appreciate everything, thanks for being a true gentleman!!

Donna Billings ‏@DonnaBRealtor

@damianmcginty good to have you back in the “Windy” tonite. You’ve grown into an awesome young man. #wishingyouthebest

Mary Joyce ‏@mjjoyce17

@damianmcginty Your performance today in Chicago was fantastic! Thanks to you & Phil Coulter! Awesome show! #talentedDerrylads

Asia Horan(: ‏@Asiaxchrones

Look at how cute he issss haha:)) @damianmcginty

Carly Plys Garzotto ‏@cdawgindahouse

@damianmcginty is amazing

Damian, who is always a real gentleman , answered in Twitter as follows:

Damian Mc Ginty ‏@damianmcginty

Amazing gig in chicago, thanks to all who came, every single one of you! i know it was insane, but i really appreciate it. u rock my world.

Damian Mc Ginty ‏@damianmcginty

Just met hundreds and hundreds of people in Chicago, it was so much fun!!! Thank you all for coming out. See ya tomorrow night 🙂

Damian Mc Ginty ‏@damianmcginty

Incredible weekend here in chicago. the week that awaits? bring. it.

Damian Mc Ginty ‏@damianmcginty

Amazing, but long day! Skipping the festivities tonight and wrapped up in bed with a hot chocolate! Good night folks x


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