Some new stuff has arrived to AudioBooth office in these days…

I’m talking about the CDs , posters and t-shirts …all with the gorgeous face of our beloved Damian McGinty…Except the t-shirts …but they say “We Love Damo” 😀

The items are ready to be sold during the show in his hometown, Derry (Northern Ireland).

The show will be on Friday, December 21 and Damian will be singing with Ben Kelly, Darrel Coyle and some other good singers in The Nerve Centre.

There’s still some few tickets available in

So, if you live near the area…Go ahead and enjoy with the wonderful encharming voice of Damo!

And if you not…don’t worry! The show will be streamed worldwide by the YouTube channel of Damian’s label…You know what it is , right?

WalledCityRecordsTV channel in YouTube 😉

Stay tune in …And take a look to the great merchandise!


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