After finishing his performance on the “Tranquility Cruise”, Damian McGinty went to his hometown Derry in Northern Ireland , directly to the stage!

Yeah! Because he had a rehearsal for the  opening concert of “City of Culture 2013” the  awaited and very important concert called “Sons and Daughters” .

The idea was to put together the most well-known performers around the world that were Derry natives.

Of course, Damian McGinty had to be there, because he has put in the head of millions of persons the name of Derry since he became in a Glee-star!

Not only that…Remember he’s singing since the age of 6 and entered to “Celtic Thunder” when he was 14…At 18 he win “The Glee Project” to be in “Glee” 7 episodes but he got much  more!

Now he’s an amazing singer and a bussinessman because he’s the owner of a record studio (AudioBooth) and a record label (WalledCityRecords).

So…Do you want to see the pics?

Yes? Enjoy them!

pandd damo stage2




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