Our beloved Damian Mc Ginty will be chatting on live in Blue Ridge PBS station (VA) this Sunday March 2 at 7 pm!

Yeah! He’ll be there  during the airing of “The Power of Music” concert that was filmed with the amazing Ethan Bortnick.

Remember that they both will be on Tour since March 30 to ending June all around the United States performing this marvelous show!

But, not only that…!

On March 2nd at 7 pm. Blue Ridge PBS station  will opened the “pledge line” for concert tickets because these incredibles lads will perform a concert in Roanoke, VA on October 21, in this concert Damo will have a “solo”  part and that’s why they have invited Damian to the set for encourage people to buy the tickets …

What do you think…Will it be so difficult to sell those tickets? In my opinion, in less than an hour the concert will be sold out!

Well, just guessing … 😀


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