This is an article published by “Daily Telegraph” from Sidney, Australia.

It’s about the arriving of Celtic Thunder and says something nice in the fourth paragraph.

Just take a look!

WHEN Celtic Thunder touched down in Sydney ahead of their national tour yesterday, the five-piece were a man short.

“We were in Dublin airport, and noticed that they were taking a really long time with Keith (Harkin),” the group’s Neil Byrne explained.

“It turned out his passport had a crack through his photo, and they wouldn’t let him through. He had to get an emergency passport, then he’ll be here in time for the shows starting,” Byrne added.


In the two years since the lads graced Australian shores, the group has enjoyed a widened appeal, in large part thanks to Damian McGinty shooting to international prominence on Glee.

“It’s fantastic to have him back, and he certainly brings an added interest,” laughed Byrne.



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  1. Damian has always been very talented and continues to become even greater with age…I wouldn’t go to their Concerts if he wasn’t their GUEST STAR. They’re all good, but everyone loves Damian.

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