Damian McGinty was born in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1992 (September 9)
He has one brother, Emmett, and one sister, Gemma. His mother’s name is  Joanne and his father´s name is Damian Joseph McGinty Sr.

He has been performing for about a decade! He won his first singing contest by the age of 6, then he was invited to several concerts in Ireland . Finally he recorded a CD .

This CD was passed along to “Celtic Thunder”  Music Director Phil Coulter and he invited Damian to participate in a new group that he was forming : “Celtic Thunder“.

He was only 14 years old when he started in the group and the amazing thing is that all the other members were grown-ups…He was the only one teenager…the baby 😉

He has completed 4 coast-to-coast tours in the US and Canada and developed from the soprano boy to the deepper baritone that he is today.

The last tour and CD of CT in which Damian participated was  “Heritage“.

In 2010, a worldwide competition called “The Glee Project” was announced and Damian was selected as one of the final 12 contenders…!

Showing week by week his incredible talent, his encourage and cautivating more and more not only the TV wiewers but the “Glee” cast and producers.

Finally, he was one of the two winners! And got a seven arc episode but because of his awesomeness his contract was extended and was in almost every episode of “Glee” season 3.

On June,  he started a new bussiness in his homeland, Derry. With his partner, Oran O’Carrol launched AudioBooth a record studio and in August has started their own record label “Walled City Records“.

Damian is now in Los Angeles.

What do you think? Isn’t his life like a novel? Would you imagine that a 19 years-old could be so hard-working? Express yourself!

Here, some videos, just to take a look to the development of this great artist!

8 responses to “ABOUT DAMIAN

  1. Barbara Shindel

    Love watching this talented boy. We miss him with Celtic Thunder and would like a list if his concert dates. I would love for my grand-daughter to hear him! Keep up the good work and God Bless You!

    • Hello Barbara!
      Damian will be on tour with “The Power of Music” show since March 30 until November! Hope you’ll be at least in one of them 😉 This is the link for the concerts dates http://www.ethanbortnick.com/events.cfm
      Thanks for your kindly words and feel free for visit the site whenever you want and suscribe to be updated in everything about Damo 🙂

  2. elaine kinder

    Try to follow him on twitter or facebook but still miss him on Celtic Thunder.
    Such a talented and handsome young man. ❤

  3. Katie

    Does he have a girlfriend?

    • Hi, Katie! Well, nobody knows exactly, but he sometimes has mentioned his “true love” and everyone knows that he’s referring to his girlfriend in Ireland when he was a 14 years old boy…She visited him in USA when Damian was working in Glee…So…Who knows?…Thanks for visit the fansite 🙂

  4. Ann Graham

    Anything with Damien’s name in it has to be great!

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