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Damian has been interviewed by “Duluth News Tribune” this week.

There he talks about his beginnings as a  child singer, his career in “Celtic Thunder”,  his amazing participation in “The Glee Project” winning a role in “Glee” the remarkable tv series and  the awaited return to the Irish group as a guest artist. Not only that, he is talking about his debut as a song writer!

Take a look to the complete article:

He’s not just the guy from ‘Glee’

A young Irish singer — who made his debut on a popular TV musical dramedy in the role of a character who is believed by a cheerleader to be a leprechaun — will perform alongside a quintet of his country-mates next week at Symphony Hall.

Damian McGinty, who spent 17 episodes of “Glee” as the foreign exchange student Rory Flanagan, is the guest artist for the Very Best of Celtic Thunder Tour, which plays at 7:30 p.m. Monday. Other singers include Colm Keegan, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly, Emmett O’Hanlon and Neil Byrne.

The 45-city tour marks a return to roots for McGinty, who joined the group known for its PBS specials when he was 14 and stepped aside for a few years to work toward the “Glee” gig.

Revisiting Celtic Thunder as a singer with more life experience appealed to McGinty.

“(I thought) it would be interesting to see that through a different perspective,” he said in a phone interview from a tour stop in Canada earlier this week. “Originally, I was a kid. We’ve had a blast. We’ve been on the road for two months. The audience have been receiving the show very well.”

McGinty said he remembered his first brush with a microphone. The Derry native came upon a karaoke competition while on vacation with his family when he was about 5, he said.

He got up and performed “No Matter What,” a hit for Boyzone, a late 1990s Irish boy band.

“I sat down, and everyone was cheering loudly,” he said.

From then on, he kept singing at local gigs and competitions, whenever he got the chance.

“I wasn’t thinking, ‘I want to do this for a job,’” he said.

He was recruited to try out for Celtic Thunder at an open audition, he said. The rest happened quickly.

“I was there 4½ years,” he said. “We shot four or five specials and six albums. It took off fairly quickly. Everything with Celtic Thunder hit the sky at fast pace.”

Eventually, he got the itch to try something new. He auditioned to be a part of Oxygen’s “The Glee Project,” a reality show with a grand prize of a role in seven episodes of Season Three of the Fox series. He and Samuel Larsen shared the top prize.

After his seventh episode, McGinty said he was given a script to return the next week. He ended up seeing the role through the character’s graduation from William McKinley High School.

“It was good timing. I didn’t want to be known as ‘The Guy from ‘Glee’,’” he said. “I didn’t think that would be smart. I like to keep things fresh. That’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing.”

In addition to Celtic Thunder, McGinty is in the early stages of writing his first solo album. And as soon as this tour ends, he will spend some time in a studio in Los Angeles.

“We’ve written a few tracks,” he said. “So far, it’s Sam Smith-slash-Coldplay. It’s just really different. It’s young, it’s fresh, it’s got a cool vibe to it.”

He’s able to write while on the road, he said. And his fodder is the experiences of the past almost-decade.

“I’ve had an interesting life so far,” McGinty said. “I’m 22, and I’ve been traveling the world for eight years, working with so many people. We’ve been writing about a lot of things: Growing up, relationships and love.”



Source: Duluth News Tribune

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Damian McGinty is in his hometown Derry, Northern Ireland visiting his family for the Holidays.

But he’s not alone…He’s there with a very well-known by the fandom….

Guess who?

Right! Damian is accompanied  by Anna Claire Sneed, a very nice and beautiful young lady!

This is the pic that Damian , himself posted in  Twitter:




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After finished his concert in Atlanta, Damian took the first flight available to quickly reach his hometown where the preps for the wedding were more than slightly crazy, in the good way 😉

Our adorable Damian McGinty had to be in Ireland because his elder brother, Emmet was going to marry on April 21 with Charlene Slevin…And it was a big 2-day celebration!

Now, thanks to family and friends of the newlyweds and the magic of Internet, you are going to have the chance of watching these lovely pics!





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Damian McGinty and Mairead Carlin sang together last year at the  “Sons and Daughters” concert for the UK City of Culture 2013 in Derry, Northern Ireland.

They had an awesome performance at The Venue, with an orchestra, chorus and five more singers.

Damian had a solo , “This is Your Song”, and the last number was “Let the River Run”.

This last one is now available via Itunes

Date of release : Jan. 20 2014

Pre- order available!

So…What are you waiting for? GO AHEAD AND GET THIS AMAZING SINGLE!

Let the River Run - Single, Mairead Carlin


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On Tuesday, December 24th, Damian appeared on the show “For One Night Only” of RTE 1 (Ireland).

This show was dedicated to the composer and former Celtic Thunder Musical Director Phil Coulter.

Knowing that Damian McGinty was a former Celtic Thunder singer, Mr. Coulter invited him to sing in this show.

Damian sang the first song and lately sang with a big group of talented singers the last song, “Ireland Call”, there appeared Paul Byrom too 🙂

Just CLICK  and enjoy this amazing video!

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Hi! Finally the interview is available on Internet!

Yeah! Damian McGinty was in UTV with Sarah Travers in the show “The Magazine” last Thursday and the video was aired on Friday 20.

There, Damian talked about his plans , maybe some acting an a record …(That would be wonderful!)

He was asked about Cory Monteith‘s death and how the show bussiness can affect teen idols…

Fortunately, Damian has his family that always is caring for him.

Talking about his family, he mentioned that it was the first night of his newborn nephew in the house and how excited and pleased he was because this little one is the first baby since he was one! 😀

But not more words. Do you want to watch him?


Just click  HERE  or the photo below! Enjoy!

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GREAT NEWS! Tomorrow night  Damian McGinty will be on TV!

Yeah! He’ll be in “The Magazine” a show of UTV in Belfast (Ireland), he’ll be interviewed by Sarah Travers at 8 pm GT.

The TV Channel posted this:


Here’s our surprise!!are you excited for tomorrow’s show

Then he posted this:


Great evening of filming with today…tune into UTV’s magazine show tomorrow night 8pm 😊

So, if you live in Northern Ireland, tune in….and taped it for sharing it! 😀


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