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Damian McGinty and Mairead Carlin sang together last year at the  “Sons and Daughters” concert for the UK City of Culture 2013 in Derry, Northern Ireland.

They had an awesome performance at The Venue, with an orchestra, chorus and five more singers.

Damian had a solo , “This is Your Song”, and the last number was “Let the River Run”.

This last one is now available via Itunes

Date of release : Jan. 20 2014

Pre- order available!

So…What are you waiting for? GO AHEAD AND GET THIS AMAZING SINGLE!

Let the River Run - Single, Mairead Carlin



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GREAT NEWS! Tomorrow night  Damian McGinty will be on TV!

Yeah! He’ll be in “The Magazine” a show of UTV in Belfast (Ireland), he’ll be interviewed by Sarah Travers at 8 pm GT.

The TV Channel posted this:


Here’s our surprise!!are you excited for tomorrow’s show

Then he posted this:


Great evening of filming with today…tune into UTV’s magazine show tomorrow night 8pm 😊

So, if you live in Northern Ireland, tune in….and taped it for sharing it! 😀


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Well, such as all of you could imagine , the concert is sold out!

Very well known artists from Derry and near area will be on stage, like:  Gary Lightbody and Johnny McDaid (from  Snow Patrol), Phil Coulter, Damian McGinty, The Undertones, Paul Brady,  Gerard McChrystal, Amanda Burton, Dana, The Priests, Eva Birthistle, James Nesbitt, Codetta, Nadine Coyle and others.

The event will be on TV by BBC.RedButton (only in UK)

By Radio will be on air  ON LIVE at 7.30 pm by Radio Foyle and Radio Ulster 

BBC Northern Ireland television will record the event to broadcast on Jan. 26 at 10.30 pm

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Next year, Derry will have a fabulous  important event called “City of Culture”

All the most important artists of Derry, Ireland and UK will be performing on there all around the year, because this event is full of activities the whole year.

And,  of course, our beloved and so talented Damian McGinty is involved in this great event.

Like you know, Damo is very proud of his homeland and participate in “City of Culture” is a real pleasure for him!  🙂

This is an excerpt  from Derry Journal:

Derry singing sensation Damian McGinty has said that performing as part of the City of Culture celebrations next year will be “one of the biggest honours” of his life.

The Glee and Celtic Thunder star who has garnered hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world revealed he will be performing as part of the Sons and Daughters Concert which will kick off the year long celebration on January 20.

“It is a dream to be a part of this, live for the UK to see, and I can’t wait to be a part of it.I’m sure it is gonna be a concert to remember and a night where the world will sit still, and take notice.”

Damian also confirmed he will be performing alongside Phil Coulter,in a gala concert in June -“This is a gig I can’t wait for, to be alongside acts such as Phil, it’s gonna be unreal. I’m very excited. Also it’s live on the BBC.”

So if you live in UK and loves everything Damian does, go ahead and enjoy the January 20 Concert seeing and hearing this lovely and young singer…And if you live in the States  or everywhere in the world but are planning a trip to Europe, include  Derry  by Jan.20 !

And don’t forget to share pics and vids with fans around the world 😉

Source: Derry Journal

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