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Next year, Derry will have a fabulous  important event called “City of Culture”

All the most important artists of Derry, Ireland and UK will be performing on there all around the year, because this event is full of activities the whole year.

And,  of course, our beloved and so talented Damian McGinty is involved in this great event.

Like you know, Damo is very proud of his homeland and participate in “City of Culture” is a real pleasure for him!  🙂

This is an excerpt  from Derry Journal:

Derry singing sensation Damian McGinty has said that performing as part of the City of Culture celebrations next year will be “one of the biggest honours” of his life.

The Glee and Celtic Thunder star who has garnered hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world revealed he will be performing as part of the Sons and Daughters Concert which will kick off the year long celebration on January 20.

“It is a dream to be a part of this, live for the UK to see, and I can’t wait to be a part of it.I’m sure it is gonna be a concert to remember and a night where the world will sit still, and take notice.”

Damian also confirmed he will be performing alongside Phil Coulter,in a gala concert in June -“This is a gig I can’t wait for, to be alongside acts such as Phil, it’s gonna be unreal. I’m very excited. Also it’s live on the BBC.”

So if you live in UK and loves everything Damian does, go ahead and enjoy the January 20 Concert seeing and hearing this lovely and young singer…And if you live in the States  or everywhere in the world but are planning a trip to Europe, include  Derry  by Jan.20 !

And don’t forget to share pics and vids with fans around the world 😉

Source: Derry Journal


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Oh, yeah!

Today  our beloved Damian McGinty uploaded  the vid welcoming to the WalledCityRecords YouTube channel!

There, he explains what about is this new label and like a little example of how succesful it could be for new singers to be signed on it he tell us  about Darrel Coyle’s “MyMyMy” that has entered in the charts in six countries and plus, it’s number one in Mexico!

So, watch it and enjoy it!

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New vids have been published!

Yeah! Thanks God for cell cameras!

Gorgeous Damian McGinty is singing the lovely song “Come by the Hills” accompanied in the piano by the great Phil Coulter .

Do you want more? Well here you are!
Adorable Damian singing “Beyond the Sea” …. I’m sure you heard it in TGP, right? Accompanied by encharming Phil Coulter.


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October 18, 2012 · 3:43 pm


OMG! What can I say?

Phil Coulter , former Celtic Thunder Director presents Damian McGinty , former Celtic Thunder singer!

Mr. Coulter remembers how Damo joined the group…ahhh!

Then, gorgeous Damo appears…ahhh!

Watch it!


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Our beloved Damian McGinty was so pretty awesome this weekend that all the fans that were available to reach the Irish American Heritage Center (Chicago) were yelling, clapping and joking all the time.

But , you don’t have to believe me….Just watch this video with the complete Q&A panel made on Saturday…Enjoy!

Source: Nikumaneko

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Hello, everybody!

Are you trying to find any pic or any information about all what happened in the Irish American Heritage Center – Chicago?

Yeah? Well, in this post you have lots of photos and kindful, amazing, joking quotes from people who were just in there and of course from Damian McGinty himself!

Take a look!

Sharon Hooper ‏@AngelBabies209

@damianmcginty is a true gentleman. The M&G lasted hrs more than scheduled, but he never complained&was constantly smiling. He’s a treasure!

Ellen z ‏@Ellen_chicago94

@damianmcginty Thanks for such a wonderful day today! I appreciate everything, thanks for being a true gentleman!!

Donna Billings ‏@DonnaBRealtor

@damianmcginty good to have you back in the “Windy” tonite. You’ve grown into an awesome young man. #wishingyouthebest

Mary Joyce ‏@mjjoyce17

@damianmcginty Your performance today in Chicago was fantastic! Thanks to you & Phil Coulter! Awesome show! #talentedDerrylads

Asia Horan(: ‏@Asiaxchrones

Look at how cute he issss haha:)) @damianmcginty

Carly Plys Garzotto ‏@cdawgindahouse

@damianmcginty is amazing

Damian, who is always a real gentleman , answered in Twitter as follows:

Damian Mc Ginty ‏@damianmcginty

Amazing gig in chicago, thanks to all who came, every single one of you! i know it was insane, but i really appreciate it. u rock my world.

Damian Mc Ginty ‏@damianmcginty

Just met hundreds and hundreds of people in Chicago, it was so much fun!!! Thank you all for coming out. See ya tomorrow night 🙂

Damian Mc Ginty ‏@damianmcginty

Incredible weekend here in chicago. the week that awaits? bring. it.

Damian Mc Ginty ‏@damianmcginty

Amazing, but long day! Skipping the festivities tonight and wrapped up in bed with a hot chocolate! Good night folks x


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So now, the most awaited concert that you Damian’s fans were expecting is just around the corner…Yeah! 😉

This is the schedule:

  • On Friday Damian McGinty will be singing at 8 pm
  • On Saturday he ‘ll be in a Meet&Greet and Q&A panel 12 -3pm
  • On Sunday he’ll be singing again by 5 pm

Isn’t it amazing? WOW! All of you that are near the area  have the chance of listening again the wonderful, amazing deeper and sweet voice of adorable Damian McGinty…Just go inmediately to buy your ticket!

This is the telephone number where you can ask about: 708 445 0700

And this is what Damian himself has posted on Facebook:


“Folks, Details about Chicago this weekend!

I will be at the Irish American Heritage center, friday through sunday.

Friday’s concert at 8PM. Saturday doing meet and greets, question and answer panel noon-3pm, and Sunday’s concert is at 5pm.

The number you can ring to enquire about tickets is 708 445 0700 for anyone who is interested.

I would love to see you all there, new Fans, and of course Celtic Thunder fans, would be great to catch up, i miss you all dearly!”




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